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Play the video to watch college women share their voices
about the Campus Lead Her Success Kit!

12 Hours of Personal
Leadership Development Training
Created By Young Women,
For Young Women!

When You Invest In This Kit,
You’ll Receive:

1. TEN 60-MINUTE TRAINING CALLS with Maria Pascucci and her team of Campus Lead Her Faculty; Maria’s hand-picked experts in the areas of women’s leadership, finance, work/life balance, salary negotiation, careers, health, nutrition and more! (each interview is approximately 45-75 minutes)

2. TWO BONUS VIDEO INTERVIEWS ON DVD where your students will learn the ins and outs of stepping into leadership and entrepreneurship! (each interview is approximately 65-70 minutes)

3. ONLINE ACCESS: Benefits will begin as soon as your purchase is complete. Upon purchase, you will be emailed a link to access the online license version of the Campus Lead Her Success Kit to enjoy the following:

  • MP3 RECORDINGS of all calls, so your students can listen to them over and over on their computers, iPods, or other MP3 players.
  • VIDEO INTERVIEWS so your students can watch them over and over, anytime & anywhere they have an Internet connection!
  • PDF TRANSCRIPTS of all calls, so your students can read through them again and again, take notes, or look up a particular point quickly.
  • CAMPUS PROGRAMMING IDEAS, and leadership advice to help your students spread positive change on your college/university campus while helping their classmates advance their leadership skills!
  • MOTIVATIONAL POSTERS in PDF format. Your students can print and hang them up in their dorm rooms to keep calm & awaken their inner Lead Hers. Post them up around campus to inspire other classmates too!
  • ONGOING SUPPORT from Maria Pascucci and her team at Campus Calm. Your students will be invited to join a private Facebook group where they can ask Maria questions, network with other students and receive ongoing support and encouragement as they transform their college experience!

You can see, we’re including everything we can to set your female student leaders up for success!

© Copyright 2012, Campus Calm™. All Rights Reserved. This Campus Lead Her Success Kit is being offered for your private use only. Reproduction, redistribution or resale in part or in whole, is prohibited without written permission of Maria Pascucci and Campus Calm Companies, LLC. Thank you for your understanding. We women have to help each other affirm our worth in business, and in life!

Thanks for your interest in the
Campus Lead Her Kit!

Please click on the link's below to preview the Campus Lead Her Success Kit samples. If you're ready to invest in your students' success and personal leadership development, email or call Maria Pascucci at 716-510-4402 for licensing details.

Bonus Video Learning Modules:

Excerpt of Video One:
Stepping Into Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Want to know what your students can do to get started as female leaders and entrepreneurs? Watch and listen as Amy Castronova and Maria Pascucci, two young & successful entrepreneurs and speakers, explain how your students can get involved, starting TODAY!

Click on the "play" button below to watch the 9-minute excerpt of this 65-minute video interview.


Excerpt of Video Two:
From Private Pain to Public Leadership: Behind the Scenes with Campus Calm™

If you find yourself relating to the idea behind Campus Calm, check out this interview with the company's founder, Maria Pascucci, as she explains what inspired her to create the Campus Lead Her Success kit. Watch as Maria describes what led her to re-evaluate the stress in her life and her tips on becoming a more brilliant, happier YOU!

Click on the "play" button below to watch the 11-minute excerpt of this 69-minute video interview.


Audio Learning Modules:

Excerpt of Learning Module Two:
Do It Anyway: We Are the New Generation of Activists

Do your students have a vision for changing the world or becoming activists? Hear from Courtney E. Martin, author of Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists. Learn about the 8 successful activists she interviewed and her thoughts on what it takes to be an effective activist in today's world.

Listen to the 11-Minute Excerpt of this 62-Minute Tele-class

Download the Do It Anyway: We Are the New Generation of Activists Sample Campus Programming Ideas & Leadership Advice

Excerpt of Learning Module Three:
Get Fiscally Fit Like a Lead Her

If words like APR and credit score scare your students, they're not alone! In this tele-class, learn from the 20-something's financial expert, Christine Hassler, about the importance of becoming financially responsible and the tips your students need to know to help increase their financial IQ.

Listen to the 6-Minute Excerpt of this 45-Minute Tele-class

Download the Get Fiscally Fit Like a Lead Her Transcript Excerpt

Excerpt of Learning Module Four:

Jumpstart Your Career Like a Lead Her

In this interview, hear from career expert, Heather Huhman, on the do's and don'ts of job hunting. Everything from resumes to what to do in an interview is covered to help give women a leg up in this competitive economy.

Listen to the 7-Minute Excerpt of this 60-Minute Tele-class


Excerpt of Learning Module Seven:
Lead-Her to Good Health

So often in our pursuit of success, we forget to take care of one thing- OURSELVES! Allow this tele-class to change all that as Dr. Tina Marcantel reminds listeners about maintaining good health and reducing stress in our lives!

Listen to the 10-Minute Excerpt of this 75-Minute Tele-class

If you're ready to invest in your students' success and personal leadership development, email or call Maria Pascucci at 716-510-4402 for licensing details.


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