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You are not alone...

Message from Maria Pascucci, founder and president, Campus Calm®

I created Campus Calm to spotlight perfectionism as a barrier to women’s leadership so our best and brightest young women can see that they're not alone with the pressure that they face.

I want to be an inspiration for women and a source of encouragement by letting them know that they too can overcome the hard stuff like perfectionism, anxiety, depression and insomnia and go on to lead happy, purposeful lives, from college to career.

That being said, Campus Calm is not meant to be a substitute for professional counseling. My opinions should be considered the advice of a peer or a friend and should be one component of the decision making process – no decision should be made or action taken without the advice and counseling of a professional. Without a face to face meeting with a professional, the advice given will not be able to take into consideration the full range of facts and issues that need to be considered in rendering complete and useful advice. Any advice I give should be shown to a professional counselor as a part of the overall decision making and healing process and may be useful in opening a dialogue that may lead to the root of a person's mental and/or physical health challenges.

To help me move past my own mental health challenges while in my twenties, I visited my campus counseling center, and sought counseling as a recent college graduate. I cannot stress enough how imperative that was. I read books, did a lot of personal leadership development, 'journaled', changed my diet, took up Yoga, began meditating – in short, I created a positive environment to support my healing, but I did not attempt to do it alone. I am not a licensed counselor and I will not attempt to counsel you one-on-one about specific life challenges. If you are suffering, I hope Campus Calm is a source of inspiration for you, but I urge you to seek professional help from your campus wellness/counseling office, or from a certified counselor in your area.

For immediate assistance, contact these services:

United States: National Suicide Prevention Hotline
With more than 130 crisis centers across the country, our mission is to provide immediate assistance to anyone seeking mental health services.
Helpline: (800) 273-8255 (TALK)

For further information:
National Eating Disorders Association
Dedicated to providing education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders.
Helpline: (800) 931-2237

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
Advocacy and support for those suffering from eating disorders
Helpline: (847) 831-3438

The Jed Foundation
Works nationally to reduce the rate of suicide and the prevalence of emotional distress among college and university students.

Active Minds
Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and cure of anxiety disorders and to improving the lives of all people who suffer from them.

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