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Campus Calm is way ahead of its time - an organization that recognizes that today's young women are incredibly high achieving and also totally overworked and overwhelmed. Accolades and A's are not what life, ultimately, is about. Campus Calm reminds us to enjoy the view and teaches us how.

–Courtney E. Martin, Editor Emeritus at

The media does not help women’s self-esteem and college sometimes places too much emphasis on being perfect. Maria gave us another perspective that was empowering. We must learn when enough is enough!

–Kelsee, attendee of Purdue University’s 12th Annual Women in Leadership Conference

"Calm Oasis" for college women leaders.

As a mentor for rising leaders and a natural overachiever, Maria Pascucci understands the first-hand effects of striving for perfection in all facets of life. She urges college women leaders to be mindful of the detriment these effects can have on their mental, emotional and physical state and believes that sometimes, it is best to just "keep calm".

Maria is a recovering perfectionist turned award-winning author, speaker, leader and certified professional life coach.

She specializes in:

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